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No more mud or watering, but your artificial grass still needs maintenance from rotting leaves, moss, pet soiling and more.

Questions Anyone?

Does Artificial Grass Need Maintenance?

You can say goodbye to your lawnmower, lawn feeds and your hosepipe (actually, hold on to your hosepipe…). Unlike regular grass, you don’t have to worry about keeping your grass fed and watered. However artificial grass gets dirty, collects moss and holds onto stains and smells.

On a weekly basis, we would recommend you hose down your artificial grass to loosen dirt and dust, as well as washing away debris.

Every artificial lawn is different, due to the conditions of the garden it is laid in. Like most things in life, some lawns will need more care and attention than others. This could be due to shading, animals, trees nearby and a whole host of potential problems.

Why Does The Lawn Smell Of Urine?

Urine from your cat or dog can cause ongoing problems with artificial grass. Whilst hosing down the affected area on a daily basis will deal with much of the problem, the crystals from the urine don’t break down, nor do they simply “wash away”. Over time these can build up and cause a longer-term smell.

A deep clean on the affected area can remove them smells for good.

Repairing Burns On Artificial Grass

Artificial lawns are robust but not invincible! They can be particularly susceptible to burns. Everything from cigarettes to the charcoal grill from the BBQ – all are dangerous to artificial grass. That’s why it’s essential to keep these items away from you lawn.

If you do damage your lawn through burning, speak to us about repairing the spot professionally.

Can I Just Use A Hose?

Of course. In fact we recommend it for regular day to day cleaning. However a hose will not clean your artificial grass, but merely move the dirt around. For a proper, deep clean of your lawn, the only way to do it properly is call in the professionals.

How Do I Get Rid Of Stains On The Grass?

Artificial grass is made of polymers, much in the same way carpets are. Whilst hosing will remove many of the daily marks and whiffs that come with an artificial lawn, more stubborn and “natural” stains such as tree sap and bird dirt simply won’t shift properly with a garden hose.

Other potential problems can be caused from spills, chewing gum, blood etc, all which may need a professional touch to bring your lawn back to new.


Removing Bacteria From Artificial Grass

Bacteria is an every day occurrence in life, and it is no different on artificial grass. However, bacteria from pet urine and soiling can build up and cause a longer term problem. Staying on top of things by hosing daily will help greatly, but a treatment, approximately once a year, will keep the bacteria at bay.

A year after having our artificial turf laid, it was time to have it professionally cleaned. I hadn’t realised how badly it was needed.
Looking at it now, you would have thought it had only just been laid. Thank you John for bringing everything back as new.

Julian Woolton

Our Cleaning In Action

This was a premium grade artificial grass and the garden had been converted into a putting green. Unfortunately there was a heavy moss issue due to excessive shade (caused by a big tree in the garden). Along with tree sap and the usual soiling from birds and dogs, it was time for a deep clean. Needless to say the customer was delighted to be able to get back to his golf.

Artificial grass cleaning - uncleaned lawn
Artificial grass cleaning - lawn all cleaned
second picture of uncleaned lawn
cleaned lawn with golf cup for putting
third picture of uncleaned lawn
the corner of the cleaned lawn
cleaning in progress on artificial lawn
cleaned lawn with golf flag stick


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