Commercial Carpet Cleaning


  • ‘End of tenancy’ cleaning on behalf of tenants, property managers or landlords
  • Office carpet cleaning (One-off or regular contract)
  • Shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants
  • Care homes
  • Schools

Whilst the same methods that we use for domestic cleaning also apply in commercial premises, commercial carpet cleaning has its own unique circumstances which vary depending on the line of business.

Take rental properties for instance; there is generally a need to complete the task within a very short time span.

As far as shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants are concerned, cleaning normally needs to be undertaken outside business hours and, more importantly, the carpets need to be available and ready to be walked upon by a specific time.

With regard to offices, it is essential that cleaning does not disrupt the normal rhythm of the working day for its workers. This includes ensuring employees’ equipment, such as computers, are undisturbed. (Please note; clients can be assured that a fundamental principle for commercial carpet cleaning is that confidentiality of any data that may be seen in a workplace is strictly maintained.)

We apply the same principle to care homes and appreciate that it is in the best interest of the client, and of the individuals who reside there, to minimise the disruption as best we can.

Invariably, every situation is unique and you can be assured that we will be able to attend to yours suitably. Please give us a call and let us know how we can assist you.

John has completed a large office clean in one of our most sought after suites here at BusinessLodge. We are so impressed the carpet looks like new and smells fantastic. John was very professional and has great expertise. I would highly recommend Bakewell Carpet Care.

Bury Business Lodge

John did an amazing job for us at Funtastic Play Centre. It’s important to us to have a clean play centre and John worked very hard for 4 hours ensuring that our carpets were thoroughly cleaned and they now look brand new. We wont hesitate in hiring John again. Thank you

Funtastic Play Centre

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