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Leather provides a certain amount of quality and style to sofas. Often expensive, this investment into your room needs to be matched with the necessary care needed when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your leather sofa or suite.

Leather has its own unique problems when it comes to removing stains. As well as the usual common spillages and soiling, issues can include dye from jeans and the build up of hair oil and sweat which has become embedded in the material.

Leather is essentially skin and as such it is important to treat it like skin. Fundamentally, this means making sure that it is moisturised. The use of a damp cloth will suffice in some cases, but it will not be effective in dislodging soiling that has become ingrained into the leather and has left the material discoloured and damaged.


I would thoroughly recommend Bakewell Carpet Cleaning. They cleaned the carpets and leather sofas, a fabulous job. A very efficient and polite service.

Cath M


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