Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are a thoroughfare of smells, stains and bugs… so much for a good nights sleep!

Stains are extremely common on mattresses, especially urine stains.

If you have young children that bed-wet, then you’ll know the likelihood of mattress stains, and whilst we all understand it’s a normal part of a child’s development, it can be difficult when a mattress smells of urine and is full of stains.

Likewise, some older people struggle with infirmities and are prone to having accidents in their beds.

However, there’s no need to dispose of a perfectly good mattress, just because of some smells and stains. We’ve got you covered.

Whilst mattresses are harder to clean than carpets or upholstery, simply because of the thickness of the mattress, our experience has shown us, in the majority of cases, we can clean and deodorise a mattress and bring it back to life again.

Mattress Cleaning - Clean mattress

Bed Bugs

Whilst pest control may be a good option for infected mattresses with bed-bugs, we don’t exactly know how harmful pesticides are to us just yet. However, we do know that once bed bugs have invaded your home, it can be tough to get rid of them

Bed bugs prefer closed, warm areas, so the best thing to do is to have your mattress cleaned and sanitised. Our process is the most effective way to treat infected mattresses for bed bugs and other pests and microbes that doesn’t involve poison. It’s also the healthiest option for your family, is sustainable for the environment, and won’t hit your pocketbook for the cost of a replacement mattress.



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