Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We offer personalised rug cleaning to ensure the fibres are not saturated with moisture. Wool is a natural fibre that soaks up moisture from cleansers quickly, leading to an extremely wet rug that dries slowly.

To prevent a wool rug from developing a musty or mildew odour while drying, we use innovative cleaning methods. The process we use does not require a lot of water to clean wool fibres but still leaves it fresh and stain free.

Wool rug cleaning requires using gentle cleansers that lift debris from fibres without using moisture that seeps to underlying layers. In addition, our technicians use state-of-the-art machines to shampoo rugs.

Rug Cleaning - red rug

Fantastic service from John at Bakewell Carpet Care!
I have a self coloured rug and two dogs so you can imagine the muck it collects on a regular basis and in particular when they both bound in from the garden. John collected the rug from my home address and had it returned to me within a couple of days all fresh and extremely clean. What really struck me was how the pile had completely lifted to look like new. I can’t recommend John highly enough. He has a great attitude to his work, does an amazing job and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Many thanks!

Kathryn B


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