Wood Floor Sanding

Wood Floor Sanding

If you have wooden flooring, over time, the wood can erode to the point that it is no longer protected. Any dirt can then can into exposed areas causing stains and liquids can easily penetrate the wood, staining it directly, which can be very difficult to clean and remove.

The floor will then need to be restored through sanding and treating, to bring it back to its previous shape.

We will first start by preparing your floor by removing your existing floor covering if you already have one. Then we look for any damaged area of flooring that might need some work like lifting the floor, refitting or replacing any damaged boards or blocks, or securing loose boards.

The sanding process is next, which will level out your floor and take it from looking old by removing scuffs, scratches, imperfections, and any layers of old varnish, towards it’s journey to looking new again. Prepping your boards brings out the beauty of your wooden floor and will let it stand out.

During sanding, the machines we use are dust-free but can be quite noisy, so it can be a good idea to remove pets from premises and to warn neighbours as a courtesy.

After the sanding process, we can apply a stain (if required) followed with 2-3 coats of wax, oil, or seal depending on the customers’ choice.

Finally, everything is buffed after each coat to achieve an excellent finish and will result in your floor looking great.


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